The right support for your operations in China


“SMART&SMOOTH” – your China HUB and smart offices solutions


Pragmatic assistance is  one of our key advantages. Nowadays, there is smart ways of entering a new market, without risking the company’s future by binding its capital. Even in a country as big as China, you might want to consider starting small, with a legal roof solutions that sim offers for your market entry. Add a smart office solution sim provides, and you have a very smoothly running operation in China, without spending a lot of time and investment, but in contrary being able to generate income from the first day onward.

Company setup mainland China & Hong Kong

Once you get to the point where a separate legal entity makes sense, sim will assist you in all administrative and legal needs concerning your company set up. We can do so in Switzerland, Hong Kong or of course Mainland China, whatever structure is best suitable to your business model.

Representation & fiduciary services

Should you decide to wait before entering China, we offer to become your right hand in China, represent your interests and work for and on behalf of your company, so that your Business Partners are served best possibly in the way they are used to by your standards.

From logo walls and meeting facilities up to sales representations and Board Memberships, sim can on fiduciary basis help you grow and maintain your business in China.

Board & supervisory functions

Board memberships and Supervisory Board roles are sensitive and crucial to support your growth, where ever your company is operating. You want your company’s strategic and top-level decisions to be taken by professionals knowing specifically the local environment the work in, and you don’t want to lay all the eggs in one basked.


Sourcing & quality control

Undoubtedly, a modern operation sources parts and products from all over the world these days. However, for more and more companies, the question arises whether or not to do so with their own sourcing team, or to mandate professional services to handle the often complex procedures and relations.

Through our Partner Company SATIS International Trading, we can source the right products for your, control the production and the goods quality, and even handle the logistics.

Import & distribution

The main goal of every company is to have their products sold in various markets. To enter China, administrative and logistical challenges can arise and assistance of a professional trading company, with the necessary licenses and certificates, but also with trust and experience to handle your Brand’s goods is of great value. Therefore, let us know if you need to bring your products to China? We can handle it!