We provide pragmatic solutions tailored to your needs


China Awareness

China is a highly potential market which needs to be understood first before being successful. We can provide you with insight before you even go to China.

In a country where a single city might have more inhabitants than a European Country, gaining awareness on size, on structures, on business ethics and do’s and don’ts might well be decisive before any large investment has to be undertaken.

Strategy & planning

To successfully conquer a market, it requires a well-defined, realistic strategy, suitable to the company and the products concerned.

Based on numerous practical experiences, sim is in a favorable position to counsel customers on their strategy for succeeding in China. Designed with your goals in mind, sim will find suitable solutions across industries for your business or products to successfully master the Market Entry.

Cross cultural services

Intercultural Values and Behaviors (cultural intelligence) nowadays take an important role in the global business environment. These specific aspects, including issues such as stereotypes, listening habits, communication patterns, body language and motivation factors clearly show the art of doing business in China, including creating a network (Guanxi), launching an enterprise, and creating a sustainable environment to obtain long-term success.

sim can offer these initial modules flexibly in Europe or China, ideally before the actual market entry, to increase the understanding as well as the acceptance of the new market & work environment from the beginning.

Executive visits

Nothing is as convincing as the experience at first hand! Management by distance can be tricky, especially if the local circumstances, habits and conditions are unknown / uncomprehensive to the manager.

We invite business executives to come to China and experience with us live the local environment. We are specialized in organizing professional executive visits to China and will show you the genuine local conditions, giving you the necessary background and insider information you largely would not be able to acquire in making a visit on your own. In the current business environment, it is advised to visit China following a professionally organized introduction program.

Market research

Knowing your business environment is key – no doubt. However, China moves faster than other countries, and a risk remains that the market research is quickly outdated, and the findings might not apply anymore at the time of the implementation.

Therefore, we actually often successfully integrate our market research into a “smart&smooth” setup, which saves time and resources by combining the research with pre-setup functions and Customer relations directly from the very beginning.

Finance & Accounting

Being a sensitive and essential part of the operations in any venture, it is for SMEs often a costly and risky factor to deal with.

We offer professional licensed PRC and international Accounting Services for your firm in China.

HR & Talent search

Many articles have been written about the difficulty of HR management in China, about employee retention and lack of qualified workers.

Our approach lies in a very personal and company-oriented search- and selection-process, which we effect on behalf and closely with our customers. Experience over the past 5 years have shown us very positive results and sustainable solutions for our clients, as we match not only skills and expectations, but also the corporate culture and the chemistry between the candidates and the line managers in each case.