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The extent and details of the current stage of internationalization of Swiss SME has not been assessed in detail until now! The University of Applied Sciences in Zürich (ZHAW) and sim as the official Representative of the Association of Swiss SME have in close collaboration established an initial  ONLINE SURVEY in German, aiming to understand the status and the ways of how our SME go international!

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To become successfully international and to localize efficiently in a foreign market represents a major challenge for many SME. Therefore, we aim to answer following questions:

– what are the main factors leading to successful Operations in foreign markets?

– what are the critical issues?

– how do I successfully localize my business in foreign markets

Thank you for taking the time to participate in our survey!



Schuler Wine has adapted the strategy and developed smartly with sim to an aligned structure in China, and this during uninterrupted operational business.

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Like many FMCG companies, Schuler lies perfectly in the trend by adjusting their operations in China to a swiftly changing market environment in China. Existing, or so-called “traditional” setups, which 3years ago were still valid, have lost most of their advantages and raisons d’être.

However, this does not mean that there should be disruption or complete re-invention of the operations in China, nor should radical actions be taken without prior consultations, a proper forecast or a clear outline what could happen thereafter. Schuler Wines proofs that such a smart adaption in the Chinese Market including a new set of targets and channels is possible and rather efficient.

We are very happy about this case, demonstrating not only the courage of a Swiss SME to work in this market but also the agility to localize in an environment, that differs strongly from what is known and familiar techniques in Europe.

At sim, a complete service range offers from PRC/international accounting over desk/office/legal roof solutions up to sourcing and quality control, hence everything a Swiss or European SME needs. Based on numerous practical experiences, sim is in a favorable position to counsel customers on their strategy for successfully handle their sales in China.

Should you have a product you wish to bring and sell in China, or should you have any queries about smart market entries, please write to us on



Swissweek China‘s 4th edition will take place from Wednesday, May 18th to Sunday, May 22nd 2016 in Huaihai Park in Shanghai. It will present Switzerland, its culture, innovation and products to the public. Visitors will also be invited to relax at the Swiss Café which will offer a selection of Swiss food and beverage.

The event is under the Patronage of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Shanghai, freely accessible to all public and organized by sim (selective international management).

Moreover, the public will be introduced to a famous traditional Swiss musical instruments, delicious Swiss Food and beverages and a renowned paper cutting artist will showcase the cutting skills and the art work live on site.

Last but not least, Swiss companies will present and sell their products at the exhibition, including:

  • Food: Cheese, yoghurts, chocolate, ice cream, infant products, herbal sweets
  • Beverage: beer, wine, vodka, gin, coffee, milk
  • Consumer goods and equipments: air cleansers, cosmetics, cook wares and kitchen appliance

Come and join us to taste a little bit of Switzerland in China.