sim update October 2017


With the opening of the Swiss Consulate in Chengdu, the SwissWeek platform keeps growing and marches to the West of China. The very first SwissWeek Chengdu will take place from November 1st to November 5th, 2017 at Hongxinglu Square, the heart of the city with average people flow of 300’000 daily. This competes with Times Square in New York! The

Ambassador of Switzerland will fly in and open SwissWeek Chengdu 2017.

The event is under the Patronage of the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chengdu, freely accessible to all public and organized by sim (selective international management).  This year, the SwissWeek is also under the financial support of the Swiss export promotion agency, Switzerland Global Enterprise, which is promoting the expansion of Swiss companies abroad.

Four musicians from the French area of Switzerland will fly to China and introduce the traditional Swiss instrument “Alphorn”. They have already written a song for the SwissWeek Chengdu! Moreover, A Swiss artist will showcase his paintings and other art work to present a different part of culture to the public.

Last but not least, nearly 30 Swiss brands and institutions will participate  including:

  • Food: Cheese, yoghurt, chocolate, biscuit, candy, infant product
  • Beverage: beer, wine, vodka, gin, milk, coffee
  • Consumer goods and equipment: bottle, coffee machine, furniture, cleaning products for baby
  • Swiss Education Group (SEG), Switzerland Tourism

Come and join us to experience Switzerland in its culture, tradition, innovation and products. Visitors will also be invited to relax at the Swiss Café which will offer a selection of Swiss food and beverage.

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In line with the general trend of the Chinese economic development to go west, and in parallel to the first SwissWeek® Chengdu, sim opens its Branch office West China in the capital of Sichuan Province.

This step is significant and will bring support to Swiss and European business in the region, as we will offering our proven range of services also out of Chengdu.

The discussions around the SwissWeek® Chengdu have shown not only a strong interest of businesses to establish in or at least deal with the western provinces of the People’s Republic, but also a lack of competence in the region in terms of foreign supporting services, market intelligence and professional fiduciaries.

We at sim feel the time is right to be present now in this part of the country, and the official opening of the Swiss Consulate General in Chengdu at the same time proves us certainly right. The importance of the region is growing rapidly, and the influence as well as the buying power of the provinces under the new Consular district will increase over the coming years.

Therefore, as from Novemebr 1st, 2017, sim is proud and happy to serve you also out of Chengdu, and we look forward to receive any inquiry at .



It is our great pleasure, to welcome Faktor-Plus to China.

With the second movie of an inconvenient truth just about to launch, the awareness of our daily energy consumption, the emission problems (notably CO2) the world has to face should once more be very present in our minds.

Every country and every person is concerned. China is currently realizing the largest coherent CO2 market worldwide. Canada and some federal states in the USA already have longstanding and functioning CO2 trading systems, which are set to be linked in the future. In the EU, the fourth phase of the EU CO2 trading system post-2020 (2021-2030) is in preparation. And Switzerland as one of the front running countries in this topic with a complex and mature CO2-System (law since 2000) will implement new CO2 regulations in 2018 and a follow up in 2021.

Faktor-Plus, a Swiss SME, is  a very competitive company on all matters of Greenhouse Gases/CO2 issues in Switzerland and now new on the Chinese market – accordingly to the setup of new CO2-regulations in China. Faktor-Plus creates adequate and smart solutions, they can help you to do entire project to reduce your CO2 levels, to generate certificates for reductions, to trade them and to ensure your company stays compliant with the relevant regulations. Within this constantly changing environment, Faktor-Plus develops convincing opportunity and risk profiles for your company.

Their services in the industry area include the entire range of classical resource optimization projects to decrease greenhouse gases resp. CO2, right up to the development of sustainability strategies for the exploitation of the associated opportunities. At the same time, Faktor-Plus manages to reduce the risks to your company that arise from governmental climate and environmental policy obligations.

Besides, they can offer Building and Building Materials solutions for the extraction/production of energy-efficient building parts and their use as well as the design of building systems that can yield additional revenues through avoiding CO2 emissions.

As experts in Governmental framework conditions regarding energy/climate policy yield opportunities for the generation of such additional revenues when the real estate portfolios, building systems and individual building parts are designed accordingly, while at the same time avoiding the risk of penalty payments.

As from October 2017, Faktor-Plus is now present in China with sim and they look forward to receiving your inquiries: or +86 21 6155 7682