sim update November 2017


Thanks to the great support of the Chengdu Government, the Consulate General of Switzerland in Chengdu, the Jinjiang District government, Switzerland Global Enterprise and the participation of Switzerland Tourism, the SwissWeek Chengdu 2017 has achieved a tremendous success this year for its very first edition. Attended by 30 brands and sponsors, SwissWeek Chengdu welcomed close to 80’000 visitors during the exhibition.

On November 1st, the Opening ceremony of the SwissWeek Chengdu 2017 was hosted in Hongxinglu Square with 100 invited guests including the officials of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, The Ambassador of Switzerland in China, the officials of Chengdu, the Consul General of Switzerland in Chengdu city, the representatives of Jinjiang District, the representatives of other Consular representative in Chengdu, as well as 15 media which were present at the Opening.

Mr. Michael Lehmann, the General Manager of sim, SwissWeek’s organizer, has given a welcome speech and stated that following the “Go West” Strategy and the new Consular presence in Sichuan Province, SwissWeek China decided to support Swiss companies and give them access to West China. The Swiss Ambassador to China, His Excellence Jean-Jacques de Dardel and the Deputy Secretary General of Sichuan Provincial People’s Government, Mr. Niu Xiaofeng congratulated the Expansion of the SwissWeek China Project as well as addressed the role of Switzerland in the “One Belt One Road” Strategy and highlighted the promising relationship between Switzerland and China.

Four Swiss musicians flew in to showcase the Alphorn, one of the most traditional Swiss instruments to the public. There was as well an art exhibition on site to present fascinating art work by Swiss Artist Antonio Wehrli.

SwissWeek China is the one and only platform in China to showcase Switzerland with its culture, traditions, innovation, education and products all at once. There is an enormous number of views about the event on social media, especially nearly 500’000 views on WeChat and Weibo. Moreover, 450’000-view on live streaming platforms made SwissWeek Chengdu among TOP 20 most searched events in the region. The information and news of SwissWeek were published on local newspapers, western and local websites, social platforms, News APPs, local and international TV channels.

The SwissWeek Chengdu 2017 was successfully hosted in the heart of Chengdu with a daily average people flow of 300’000. The access-friendly location gave the exhibition a significant visibility that competes with the Times Square in New York! Not only the visitors but also the exhibitors and sponsors had a taste of authentic Switzerland in China. Without any doubt, the SwissWeek did set the base this year in terms of organization, visibility and return on investment for the participants in order to grow and expand to other cities in China.

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SATIS Trading, a young and dynamic trading company under Swiss management assists brands to enter the Chinese market and access the local consumer.

SATIS operates from the economic heart of Asia, the breathtaking City of Shanghai. Established in 2011, the company is expanding swiftly by supporting European brands and products on their way into the Chinese Market, controlling quality of the local manufacturing and by assisting to find and establish the right distribution channels.

Appenzeller Beer, the first Swiss Beer in China has smartly entered the market through SATIS. At present you can find five flavors in China: Quöllfrisch, Lemon Panaché, Holzfass, Birra da Ris, and Mielfiore in selected restaurants, @ Beer Lady and other stores in Shanghai.

Appenzell is situated in a singularly beautiful landscape of rolling hills and famous by its gradual hills and pastoral scenes. In the town of Appenzell, at the foot of the Alpstein massif, there is a family brewery called Brauerei Locher.   Today, the brewery has been in the hands of the family for five generations, they brew very special variety of beer, taken fresh spring water directly from its source–the legendary Alpstein. Inspired by their delight in producing innovations, these master craftsmen have produced an abundance of varieties in extremely high quality. It is this passion for innovation that enables people everywhere to discover the delights of Appenzeller Beer over and over again.

For more information about Appenzeller beer or if you have any inquiries, please feel free to contact or +86 21 6170 1380 Ext 8007.



Whether you are entering the Chinese market or you want to expand your business, sim can provide you the best place-to-be for the further growth or your company. More than just a workplace with everything you need to succeed, sim gives you the widest possible range of complementary support service available on your demand. As March 1st, we can once more expand our office area and accommodate again more people.

These offices are located in the heart of Shanghai (Changle Road / Fumin Road)

  • Close to metro stations (10 min walk to Changshu Road station, South Shaanxi Road station, and Jingan station)
  • Hotels, Restaurants and bars in the neighborhood
  • A private, shared or open-plan workspace, with 24-hour secure access
  • A fully-equipped, customizable office and workspace ready as soon as you are
  • Meeting rooms, video communications available

Let us know if you would like to inquire more, these spots are quickly taken!